W+D 249

Year: 1991

Reference: 249-PR0053


Production of large format Booklets and Pockets

Reel fed

Non window

3 doctor blade printing


p>Reel Splicer Contiweb SE25-BO-750LH

Web aligner BST Type EKR 1-P

Print tower with 3 sections equipped with Tresu doctor blade chambers, aniloxes and pumps

Format cutting section

On the web scoring section equipped with 155 dia scoring cylinder

Window section with film web aligner BST Compact Guide 1-3 and glue pump

Side flap gluing – rotation system (it can be converted to Dynatec nozzles, if necessary)

Dextrin seal flap gluing section

W+D Silicone peel and seal unit – cold application

Latex seal flap gumming

Timed gumming

Drying belt equipped with IR lamps (IRT P360-2)

Flap folding section and packing table with counter

Machine is fitted with 155 diameter format for C4 wallet


Size range envelopes:

Wallet min. 127 x 150 mm, max. 255 x 420 mm

Size range pockets:

Centre seam min. 228 x 127 mm, max. 420 x 305 mm

Side seam min. 228 x 127 mm, max. 420 x 262 mm


max. output: up to 500 pockets per minute [W+D catalogue]

Paper weights:

80 - 150 g/m²


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